Ridgeline Aviation Fleet


Aircraft Pricing:

*Pricing is a wet rate and includes fuel. Instructor fee is not included


KBZN - Bozeman

N16EK Cessna 172-M: $172/hour

N49RL Cessna 172-M: $180/hour

N61933 Cessna 172-M: $165/hour


N73735 Cessna 172-M: $165/hour

N4893J Cessna 172-M: $165/hour

N652T Diamond DA42: $300/hr (dual only)

N8576Y Piper Super Cub: $175/hour (dual only)

Redbird Simulator 172 G1000 or Round Dial: $60/hour

Redbird Simulator DA-42 G1000: $80/hour

KBIL - Billings

N738PJ Cessna 172-N: $150/hour

N739DR Cessna 172-N: $140/hour

N652T Diamond DA42: $300/hour (dual only) 

N8576Y Piper Super Cub: $175/hour (dual only)

Instruction Pricing:

Primary Instruction: $72/hour

(Private, Instrument and Commercial training)


Advanced Instruction: $85/hour

(Multi-Engine, Tailwheel, Flight Review, IPC, Training in non-Ridgeline aircraft)