Sales and Acquisition Services

Whether buying or selling, the process of aircraft transactions can be complicated from the start. Ridgeline Avaition strives extra distance to ensure that these transactions go as smoothly as possible for our clients. 


When the time comes to part from your aircraft, Ridgeline Aviation accurately represents the seller and the aircraft for a seamless sale. Ridgeline Aviation provides the following services in the sales process:

  • Professional Aircraft Photograhy

  • Aircraft Listings in all Major Markets

  • Sales Agreements

  • Scanned Logbooks

  • Aircraft Valuation(s) to Determine Listing Price

  • Electronic Document Signatures for Fast Transactions 


Whether you have purchased 10 aircraft or are still learning to fly, Ridgeline Aviation is here to protect you through the purchase process. Our Mission Centered Acquisition Services Include:

  • Pre-Purchase Meeting to Evaluate the type of Aircraft best suited for you, if needed

  • Market Search and Recommendation

  • Aircraft Document Examination

  • Aircraft Damage and History Reports

  • Operating Cost Estimates

  • Purchase Agreement Assistance

  • Aircraft Valuation, Ensuring a Fair Price

  • Escrow Establishment

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection Arrangement

  • Aircraft Title Search

  • Delivery Arrangement

  • New Owner Training (if applicable)

  • Insurance Assistance

  • Financing Referrals