Multi-Engine Training


Multi-Engine aircraft offer several opportunities that single engines may not. The Multi-Engine Rating opens several benefits such as increased weigh capacity, increased speed, and increase safety with the addition of another engine. Ridgeline aviation offers multi-engine training at all levels from private pilot to multi-engine instructor using an economical training platform in conjunction with an FAA approved aviation training devise. This allows us to offer high quality instruction at an affordable price.

Ridgeline Multi-Engine Course

Ridgeline Aviation offers a multi-engine course for those who wish to complete an additional multi-engine class rating. The course timeline can be adjusted for the needs of the student but typically runs for 5 days. This course includes ground preparation, Advanced Aviation Training Devise(AATD) sessions and multi-engine flight time culminating in an additional class rating checkride. Utilizing the AATD allows the student to become familiar with the operating characteristics of the aircraft including checklists and cockpit layout and handling at a substantially reduced cost and maximizing the time in the aircraft. This is a high quality training opportunity available at a fraction of the cost of most other multi-engine courses across the nation. If you are interested in getting more information or to schedule your course contact us today.